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This course helps any candidate become expert in JAVA/J2EE development. This is one of unique courses based on the fact that this is content based on real projects and real clients requirement. This cource deal with most JAVA/J2EE topics, making this cource suitable to a vast array of students. This cource is backed up 100% money back guaranteed on success full completion of the course.
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If you have an interest in web development, internet, e commerce or web design, this course is the place for you. Upon graduation, you would have mastered graphic design, web development and internet. In Mumbai, there is a surplus of opportunity for skilled web and graphic designers, not to mention other places in the world. As a graduate of this program, you will have the skills needed to fill those positions. Imagine using your interest of Internet, knowledge of color, texture, perspective, composition, layout and typography to generate visually stimulating, interactive elements on the Web.
Flex i-course : Srest training works around your schedule. If you seeking the flexibility to combine work & study, our highly respected courses offer you the perfect solutions.
Fast Track : Our fast track training offers twice the faster pace. You can switch the pace after finishing each module, which comprise of 24hr training and 24hr practical We also have 1month/3month/12month program.
Founded in 2006, Srest group is lead by of young IITians who has the vision to provide the best IT/Web services. Srest is young company, we have been in the business for 3 years now. In that short span, Srest is changing the landscape of the IT industry.

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Srest founder now wants to replicate the same success in IT training, producing candidates ready to be absorbed by IT industry as an expert. Srest training team is committed to provide the best IT coaching in the world. Our advice to all students and candidates, that please don't take Srest training if you think it is a shortcut to success or to increase the size of your resume.
DEDICATION: Nothing can replace hard work, dedication and focus. One achieve one's goal by his or her dedication and hard work. Srest helps to channel those effort in the right direction. Srest cannot substitute the effort which a candidate has to put. Our courses needs sizable amount of effort, which of course vary from person to person. Srest's training provides its students, skill they needed to become valuable part of vibrant IT field. In fact if a candidate think that he cannot put sufficient effort because of other commitment, please join our courses at later dates. Whenever you do have time to spend sufficient time in mastering our courses. We are not saying that one cannot multitask. All we trying convey that our courses needs sizable amount of effort and dedications.

FOCUS: It is important to realize that no one can be master in all technology. This is one of the biggest mistakes all software courses, degree, engineering and MCA courses make. Making candidate suitable for nothing. Industry does not need candidate who knows little little of everything, resulting in the fact that they cannot do anything for any company, rendering them useless to any company in raw form. Also candidate never get to utilize most of the things they learn. Our topics are to the point and based on topics which are used in present day technology. We go forward than that, as a leading innovator in software field, we know which technology combinations will be used in near future, making a candidate ready by the time a company is ready to adopt a new technology. This is a win win situations for candidate and company. Company wants to use latest technology, but they cannot because their existing employees don't know the latest technology, but having candidate already knowing the latest technology gives them huge advantage over competitor, indirectly meaning huge demands for Srest's Graduates.

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100% money back guaranteed if paid up for 2yr course(UK paying minimum 5000) or 1yr course(India paying minimum 1lakh).
IBM, TCS, KPMG, Infosys, Accenture..hired our students
I'm Ms. Hiral Jarsania. I've done my M. Sc.(IT) final year project with Srest Information Technology. They just didn't push me to finish my academic project ..
I am Ms. Manjari. I've done my 6 months project based Java training with Srest Information Technology. They just did not push me to finish my training..
I am so grateful to Srest and thank them to help me make a career in Java due to recession it was very difficult to find a job and after doing the internship with at srest i find out me as a Trainee with srest...
It Has been very good experience here working with the staff and our project Guide. here all associates give us their full support & knowledge...
I m getting the opportunity to work with some-Live project. Which is really great. The staffs are nice and helpful too..
It's being really nice to be here for training, at Srest Information Technology. We learnt a lot from here, staff members over here are supportive & very helpful..
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