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Srest Information Technology (SRest) is a leading provider of end-to-end web-based solutions to enterprises worldwide.

SRest technology to increase the speed at which organizations innovate.
Better Efficiency
Srest will help you assess, detect, protect, correct and recover from security exposures in your IT and physical security environments in today’s on demands e-business world.

SRest’s Security Solution had a flexibility of options that enable you to reduce operational and capital costs, reduce your risk and release your resources to enable you better efficiency.

Security Solution
Desktop & Laptop Security: Srest offers seamless integration with many types of data protection systems, ranging from full disk encryption and boot protection, to specific folder and file encryption, protecting the user computer.

Email Security: Small organizations depend on email and the Internet to help their business act big, even if their company isn’t. As a business grows, it needs to protect the confidential business information

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File and disk security:

Every month there is the news of another data security breach caused by a stolen laptop containing confidential data. The security breaches can cost millions of dollars, which could shut a smaller business. Whole disk encryption is the best practice to secure data on laptops from the consequences of loss or theft.
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Secure File Transfer:

Small businesses and their customers process large amounts of data on a daily basis. Much of that data needs to be transferred to and from external organizations for backup or archival purposes or to coordinate with business partners. This confidential data is liable to loss or breach if it is transferred unencrypted.Srest solutions allows organizations to secure consumer and business information.