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Document Imaging
Document imaging is the process of converting paper documents into electronic images using a scanner and a computer. Once the paper documents are converted to electronic images, they are stored as files on a hard drive, external drive, CD, or on the Internet. Copies of the stored documents can then be kept within the office or off-site for an emergency backup and that can be viewed effortlessly in seconds from any computer.

Companies all over the world use document imaging to organize their files and make it easy

There are many benefits to using document imaging. Some of them are:

Save Business time & money
By using document imaging, they no longer have to look for the documents that someone else may have. Office staff can call up an image of any document with a few key strokes and put it away with even fewer strokes, others can view the same document from another location at the same time, even if that location isnít in the same building. It also helps to increase productivity when everyone that is working on a

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Eliminated the need for file cabinets
Paper takes up lots of floor space & file cabinets. Using document imaging eliminates the need for traditional file cabinets and storage facilities. It makes an exact copy of each piece of paper and stores the "image" in an electronic file folder. Anyone with proper security and access can retrieve a document or file in a matter of seconds from a desktop PC.

Prevents Lost Files
The fact is paper documents can be very easily destroyed, file in the wrong place, lost or stolen.

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Compliance Complying with evolving regulations can be difficult, because depending on the industry, there may be demanding mandates. At least if your files are stored electronically and backed up, you can be confident that your records will be available for years to come.

Srest provides document imaging solution to meet every companyís needs, regardless of company size or budget. If you would like to know more about how to apply an imaging solution in your company, Contact us to learn more about how a document imaging solution