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Bookkeeping and Accounting
Bookkeeping and Accounting is an integral part in the smooth and successful functioning of your business. While keeping track of the income and expenses gives you a clear picture of the performance of your business on monetary basis, collecting the financial information is a basic necessity for filing your various tax returns. Businesses, organizations, or any other bodies for which maintaining a separate department solely for this purpose is not viable, outsourcing their Bookkeeping and Accounting requirements is a practical and profitable option. Srest is expert in accounting and developed innumerable

The accounting process is one of the easiest business processes for a company to outsource. The effectiveness of the Internet makes having a back-office bookkeeper obsolete. If you are looking for ways to reduce overhead and focus on your core business, now is the perfect time to make the switch to outsourced accounting services. With offices and staff located at Mumbai, SREST accounting provides complete outsourced bookkeeping and accounting services to small businesses. We have the resources, staff, processes, and technology to support your business wherever and whenever

Accounting Package
We currently offer a Comprehensive Accounting Management Package that covers all aspects of your accounting system. You will get full bookkeeping, quality assurance and control managed by Srest , as well as monthly financial reports and meetings. We will go over each step of your accounting cycle with you to customize it in order to meet your requirements.

Additionally, we offer optional services as-needed basis and include back-work, tax referrals, inventory, job costing, audit assistance, and computer software conversion.

Scope of Our Services
Our goal is to manage your complete accounting system.

You can outsource some or all of your Bookkeeping and Accounting functions to SREST and focus on core business activities.The scope of our services includes mainly the following:
  • Accounting Reconciliation
  • Inventory Reconciliation
  • Cash Flow management
  • Payroll Administration
  • Budgeting
  • Taxation Services