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Srest Information Technology (SRest) is a leading provider of end-to-end web-based solutions to enterprises worldwide.

SRest technology to increase the speed at which organizations innovate.
Complete Web Solutions
Srest is offering Complete web solutions for 200$/9000Rs (and optional 200$) which
  • Includes 5 pages
  • Free 2 template design (one for home and one for others) (From our list of templates)
  • 1000's of professional template
  • Free Domain Registration
  • Free web hosting for 1 yr (5$/m plan)
  • Free Search Engine submission
  • Free 5 year Support (never heard in IT company)
  • Reliability that when you need us we are always there.

We offer both static and dynamic website development, along with hosting solution, maintenance.

Our formula is simple. We listen to your requirements, collect your content, and then craft a custom, unique looking site in a process that typically takes days, not weeks. Revisions are included, and unlike other web design companies, we respond with updates quickly.

Other services available :
  • E-Commerce - We create your online store.

Making More Money
Srest is only few of companies which provide Complete Web Solutions; We have developed a complete range of professional quality web design template, web development methodology and internet marketing solutions, each one tailored to meet your specific business needs. A professional looking website is key to any business success. Business today just cannot ignore this phenomenal force.

Having a professional, attractive, relevant and properly marketed web site is standard today. You will get new leads, new customer eventually

Unique Methodology
Technology has improved considerably recently, you can create highly dynamic web site, ever changing web page, always engaging your customer, bringing them again and again. We are only companies who have developed a methodology of how to create dynamic looking site which are extremely fast, reliable and secure.

One might think, how I will manage my website. Srest provide complete solutions. Srest unique methodology ensures that wbesite can be easily maintained and updated. We understand that